Hi.... my daughter is 16 months old.... she is suffering from constipation from last 4 months... I tried every thing but no use.... she pass very hard stool n cries a lot while passing it... I am giving her ceramiffin for softing the stool.... Plz help

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Updated on Feb 24, 2017

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To avoid constipation both fluid and fiber intake has to be increased. For that Give more water. If the child doesn’t take plain water include fluids like coconut water, , juices, soups etc. Give dals with husk in khichri form or add whole dals/beans/legumes to the soups. Give porridge of dalia, oats, ragi, rice flakes. Alternatively these whole cereals can be used for khichri, uttapam, upma or idlis too. Give plenty of fruits & vegetables. Hard fruits like apple, pear can be given as stew. Fruits like banana, papaya, cheeku be given as it is or in a mashed form. Avoid giving refined cereals/ maida products.

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