Hi... my daughter is 2. 8 yrs old.. and she started going to pre school wen she was 1. 10 yrs old... today it was her first stage presentation... n she is been outsandingly performing in her school rehearsals, family and friends. Today at the school we al parents were given the mask (which they also being doing during rehearsal to make kids comfortable) to wear so dat they shldnt recognize us... all kids perfomed reallt well no one cried.. bt as n wen her term came she came on stage she was already crying breathless ly... n cried n just cried... bt still she spoke her lines incomplete (kept on cring).. .n got dowm from the stage... after few minutes they again tried to calm her down n brought herto stage... and again she goes on ccrying. .then I got up to the stage and huged her.. stoodby her.. and akd her to sspeak wat evrshe lyks... bt sstill she kept on weeping. ..am didn't show her hut am really upset bcoz she is an outstanding student of her class. .don't know how to handle this so it doesn't happen again. .as her other presentation is after two weeks. ..plz help

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Hey Ruchica!


Thanks for sharing the query in detail. As i understand, Ragatmika is all of 32 months now and started preschool perhaps at a great time-20 months. Though, she has been at the preschool for around 12 months, she is perhaps not been in what is called a "stage performance" wuite many times. And though this may sound and look the same, as if performing in front of known friends and family or the preschool known faces.... it is never the same. This can be unnerving for anyone, even an adult, and she is of course really young. I am not too sure whether the masks really helped here, it was a set of unknown faces looking at her without any of their expression visible to her... I can understand your feeling... but at this stage, i would advice you to put that on the backburner and be joyous of the fact that ragat still stood there and tried... she was scared but still did not give up... I think that's fantastic, and shows her resilience. I would advice you to not put pressure on yourself or her to be perfect at the next presentation either. In fact, comfort her, help her enjoy the reherseals and when she is at it next time, make it as playful and casual as possible for her.... sometimes, it's a fvourite toy, her favourite person around her that could make the difference too... but nothing like preparing her in advance for the day... telling her, talking to her about what shall she sing, whom would she look, how awesome will it be... will certainly help. But no matter what, stay by her side to support her and don't be upset... long road ahead to see through these challenges together.... :) All the best and keep us posted of the next presentation please.  


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