Hi My daughter is 2 month 8 day old.. Please suggest how much quantity of milk is sufficient for a 2month 8 day old baby. She looks quite thin but is active and responds well to me in form of smile and talks.. How easy is it for her to gain good weight and what should I do. Currently she is on complete BM...

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Updated on Nov 12, 2019

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I hope you are doing well. As you are breastfeeding her, there is no specific quantity or amount an infant would drink. Infants feed according to their requirements and need. She might feed for 5 -10 minutes each time and ask for another feed in an hour again. So it depends from infant to infant. What was her birth weight and what is her current weight? If your child feeds well, wets 5-6 diapers and is active, then being thin doesn't matter or shouldn't be taken as a parameter for growth or good health :)

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