Hi My daughter is 2 years old, she does not take interest in her toys more than 5 mins, she is naughty and curious to find new things in home, how can i make her busy atleast spend atleast an half hour in her activity... she takes a lot interest in seeing rhymes but but now she is a little addicted to seeing rhymes in mobile or TV if she does not have some more exciting things... what can i do for her...

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Updated on Sep 14, 2018

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At her age her attention span is hardly two to three minutes. Hence it is normal for her to keep moving from one activity to another. Also she will be curious and exploring. Please be patient and encouraging. At this age you cannot get her to sit half hour. There May be some children who can keep themselves occupied. Here if you support her curiosity, keep talking to her, allow her to do various things she will absorb more And more. Kindly do not allow mobile phones at all. I hope you know that it has a very negative impact on brain development, linguistic development, socio emotional and also affects the quality of sleep. Audio is alright but not video. She can listen to songs. Tv and mobile phones are to be avoided. Please find some inputs on how could you foster learning for your toddler. https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/fostering-early-years-of-development-for-your-child/357 All the best.

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