Hi.... my daughter is 3years 5 months old but still she is not ready to eat pungent and spicy food,not even a hint of chill should be there in her food. even in junk food like wafers n chakali she eats only salted n without chilli or pepper. I keep on trying every day but she dosent want to try. If unknowingly she eats they she starts coughing and her eyes start tearing so again I have to make her eat the same bland food. we at home usually prepare less spicy food but even that dosent work with her ,so I hv to prepare separately to her. It becomes very difficult to give her veggies when she is not eating it in the form of roti n sabji,even chapati I hv to soak in either dal or milk n feed her. she goes to nursery but never eats anything given in her box. All three meals I should forcefully feed her. not able to give her all the nutrients and its difficult to go out with her as she will not eat anything from our side. her food has to be warm and soggy while feeding. t that's why I have to be back home to feed her or else carry what she has for the whole day and then go out. kindly help me to come out of this. early I had asked regarding she eating only mashed food now slowly she start eating chewable and hard food. thank u

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Updated on Nov 23, 2016

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