hi my daughter is 4. 9 years now. she is unable to Express her emotions a lot of times and is cranky at all times. I tried my best to explain her and calm her but she is a difficult to deal with when diverted. she tries to stick to what she wants and we have a hard time to explain her. she has developed this nail biting habit in these 2 months and I find myself difficult to explain my point to her. Even with friends she is possessive and want them to do in what she is comfortable and throws tantrums if they act not acceptable to her. how do I help my child

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Updated on Nov 24, 2020

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I can understand your concern. All the symptoms you have explained points towards insecurity. This is the stage when your child is asserting her independence and confidence. She is experimenting with power so she will resist you anyways she find. She is trying to establish that she is in control. So here you have to be very patient. Use a gentle but firm tone. when you need your child to listen, go down to her level, maintain firm eye contact. In a loving tone tell her that ,yes you understand what she is feeling. It is ok to cry. But you are there to help. Teach your child the different emotions. Help your child to identify and label the emotions like anger. There are emotions chart available online or in stationary shops paste one sych chart in her room in order to learn types of emotions. Discuss with your child safe methods to express emotions: punch a pillow, talking it out, counting backwards, using calm box... Your child seems to be more intense and more sensitive. So you have to be more patient. Help her to prepare ahead for a situation by discussing the rules of behaviour. Please do not yell or scream because this may lead to lying. When you are calm they will learn how to handle. Hug your child and explain what she is going through. I hope these give you some ideas. Its great that you are looking at solving this concern with thought through solutions. You need to be firm at time with your child and retain your calm while dealing with his anger. Take Care

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