Hi... my daughter is 4 and she goes out of control when we visit the market or any shopping place, even she started doing this on daily basis and she insisted us to go to the nearby toy shop for buying a new toy daily, she throws tantrums and started crying in public, we end up giving in to her wishes by buying her a new toy just to save us from embarrassment. Now she has tons of toys which she doesn’t play with. How do we handle her this behavior?

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they get what they want pretty quickly. I know it would be difficult but the best way is to ignore her tantrums. It is embarrassing in public but it is most effective. Before leaving home explain patiently to her that you will be going shopping but she will not demand or request. She would not be getting any toy. And if she throws a tantrum also it would not be of any use. When she agrees give her a hug. Once at the shop or mall if she begins to whine or complain or cry remind her of the promise. If she does not stop move away from her slightly. Before moving tell her that you will be standing away and she can come to you when she stops. She will not get her demand. Make sure you move only five to six steps away and she should be in clear sight to keep her safe. Allow her to cry. People will look and may comment or advice. Just smile. Ignore Keep watching her. It will take time but do remain patient. If she is too loud and disturbing others then please escort her outside and allow her to cry. It will require patience and effort. Once she knows you are not going to give in she will reduce her tantrum. Once she stops do not get angry, rather take her back home. And explain the rule again. Also now you can introduce a consequence for such behaviour. Enforce the consequence if she misbehaves again. You may have to do this several times. Do not lose your temper. A calm approach will help. Use stories to inculcate expected behaviour. She has to be guided on how to express herself. Please read this blog. https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/how-to-say-no-to-a-child/390 I hope these give you some ideas.

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