hi, my daughter is 8 years old. she has a favourite friend, who treats her like a normal friend, so they are not like best friends to each other. but I see my daughter ignoring all her other friends whenever this girl is around. this girl is nice but my daughter is too much in awe. other kids have also started teasing her for the same. I have tried explaining to balance her friendships specially when u are not best friends and it's one sided. how to deal with this, pls guide.

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Updated on May 14, 2021

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This usually happens with girls at this age. Do not worry. You can ask questions like what is it that you like in this friend? How will you be friends with all the girls as they also want to play with you? Also tell her that the other girls would like to play with you, would you be able to give them some time as well. When you are asking her questions like this you are making her think and also understand her behaviour and share her feelings with you. When she does this do not judge her but ask more questions based on her answers to understand her ideas better and to guide her. Allow her the space to reflect so that she can herself realise some of her behaviour and choose an appropriate behaviour. Do not be too controlling on who she is hanging out with, it may lead her to feel doubtful about her social skills. Gently encourage her and direct her by making her reflect on her actions and thoughts. This you can do by asking her "What questions". What made you do this? What can you do? and so on. Take care.

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