Hi, My daughter is extremely slow eater, I am not exaggerating but she can easily take to 2 hrs to finish her meal. She was a very fussy eater the beginning but when she was pretty small I somehow used to feed her by dieater, distracting her, which was very inappropriate but she was just not eating. Now she is 6. 5 ys and she eats very very slowly. I get irritated to see her eating and at the end I end up , scolding and shoutingg then only she finishes . Please guide me how do I handle this situation ?

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Updated on Nov 02, 2015

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every child would have their eating style, some may eat fast and others slow. You should not get irritated and try not to scold her. You can rather fix time for her to finish her meals. It could be maximum half an hour for main meals and fifteen minutes for snacks. After the that fixed duration, remove her plate, no matter how much food is left on the plate. Don't offer her any thing to eat before next meal time. In the following meal too, follow the fixed duration set. When you do this, she would eventually learn to finish her meal in that time duration. She would know that if she doesn't finish her meal in the duration fixed by you, she will remain hungry. Hope this helps.

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