Hi, My daughter is in class 1 going to a near by small school. She has extra activities like dance , karate, drawing etc. ,although it's not very organized. We are in a big dilemma to get her school changed or not and send her to bigger brand schools like bishops, euro or any other. Would it b ok if she continues here fr abt 2 more years and then we can change her school nd give her exposure to certain things that might be lacking in current school. As she is doing good in current school nd is comfortable, so we are thinking not to disturb her nd continue. If we do so , would it be difficult for her to go to new school after few years. Changing the school means only to get her listed in the rat race of big schools although may b to get in pace with other kids it's required, but should we take some time or not required , but do we some more time

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Updated on Nov 15, 2017

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If depends on the admission policy of schools. How easy is it to get into the schools you intend for your child? There is no harm in waiting it out. But be conscious of your decision and then do not regret that you did not get into the desired school. You could try early and have a waiting period if needed

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