hi, my dear daughter is 13 months old. she has been on the lower percentile for weight since the beginning but is on the higher side for her height. she is very very active ( can't sit in one place for more than 5 seconds), milestone normal, stool and urine normal, sleep normal. I'm still breast feeding her twice a day and at night on demand. my problem these days is she just refuses to eat anything with me. she will eat little with the lady who gives her a bath in the morning but then it's a struggle for myself and my mother in law. she howls, cries, turns her body away, does a lot of wrestling with us but just will not eat. I think she goes hungry but she doesn't really cry. after the food she has with the lady she will feed and take her morning nap. wakes by 11:30 and will just chew few bits of rotis or few bites of plain rice. then again she is sleepy so she feeds and sleeps. will wake by 4. now my nightmare begins... she just completely goes hungry and is sleepy by 8 so wants to feed and sleep. she wakes me many times at night for feeding. how do I make her eat more number of times and little more quantity. really feeling a little frustrated.

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milk should be restricted to 500-550 ml maximum in a day, so that the child doesn't fill the stomach with milk only. You need to limit her milk feeds and alternate them with solids. Keep a gap of minimum 2 hours between her milk feed and solid feed, so that she is hungry and accepts solids. Start with a spoon or so and gradually increase the amounts of feed according to her acceptance. Introduce only one food at a time, let her have it for 3-4 days and then introduce another food. Initially keep the consistency pouring/flowing and then thicken it according to her acceptance. Keep seasonings very mild, as babies don't generally like very strong flavours. . From one year of age you should start with three meal pattern, i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner along with two snacks. You can give porridge of suji, sagi, dalia, rice flakes, ragi etc. Kheer of apple, rice etc. halwa of suji, atta, pumpkin, gajar, sweet potato etc. Khichri, upma, soft scrambled egg yolk, soups, mashed veggies, chapatti, rice,idli, dosa, uttapam,fruits etc. Give cereals like rice with dal/khichdi form, porridges, small bites of chapatti, pasta, upma, idli etc. Dals /legumes well cooked. Start with mashed and bring to regular consistency as the toddler starts chewing. Finger foods like cutlets, hard boiled eggs, small sandwiches, rolls, whole fruits. Small pieces of foods that can be handled with spoon or fork. Veg desserts like carrot /pumpkin/ghia halwa. Spinach/carrot burfi. Hope this helps.

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