Hi my first baby is preterm (32)weeks born, birth weight was 1. 5kg, now she is 3years 3 months I am worried about her growth her height is 84cm will she grows later what measures should we take to enhance her growth

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Updated on Sep 06, 2018

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Hi Deepti, Yes definitely she will grow well in all respects.You need not worry. Make sure that you give her 2-3 cups of milk and 4-5 small meals. Make her diet rich in healthy carbs, proteins, b vitamins, iron and calcium. Healthy carbs and B vitamins will give energy boost; include foods like whole grain cereals, like oats, dalia, grains like ragi, bajra, atta, fruits and veggies. proteins will help to build up immunity and stamina, plus will satisfy appetite for long time, So give egg (2-3) in a week, meat, lentils and beans, like rajma, chana. finally milk, yogurt and paneer/cheese will give calcium, proteins and many other nutrients, which are vital for her growth and activity..try adding powdered nuts and seeds like walnuts, sunflower or pumpkin seeds to milk, yogurt or cereals. finally, give small meals, more of finger foods, but packed with nutrients.

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