Hi My girl baby is 8 months old.. and her birth weight is 4kg.. now she weighs 8. 5 KGS... is it normal weight?? All r telling she is looking lean... but I know she is quite good and not that much lean.. need your advice... She is taking breast milk but not drinking formula in bottles... is there any other way to feed formula... I have started solids... giving her rice cereals and all fruits and veggies in mashed form.. Tried giving idli and ragi porridge but she dint like it and not eating much... Need your advise to increase her weight and food chart to follow.. thanks in advance

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Updated on Apr 19, 2016

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your daughter's weight is good for her age. And the child should keep gaining weight constantly. If your milk is sufficient there is no need to put her on other milk, at least till one year of age. If needed, you can feed formula/animal milk with spoon and katori. What you are feeding is good. You can introduce pulses, curd, other cereals too but gradually. Such a small baby may not accept or like everything you give. So you can give little amounts of idli/ragi or any other food, if she accepts, it is okay otherwise don't force that food. You may try that food after few weeks. Hope this helps.

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