Hi.. My kid is 2. 7.. Its been a month,he started to going to a preschool.. which is quite good as per the review.. They are 2 teaches in his class.. Initially the teacher both teacher were giving a good feedback on him.. only issue with him was that he doesn't eat anything there... but recently one of his teacher started pointing out issues like 1)He needs individual attention 2) He doesn't like playing (playing as per her meant taking a "slide").. 3) He watches rhymes alone which are been played in class TV.. Actually he plays very well with our apartment kids n with his cousins,even with strangers he is very friendly,he love reading books,he is not foody I have to sit and feed him, he is very playful.. His teachers feedback on him is making me feel really disheartened.. please suggest me what to do?

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Updated on Jul 11, 2016

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or their house, and slowly your child shall make friends with a few. Individual attention is why preschool has 2 teachers in a classroom of 15-20 children, so that's OK. The rest of the things are clearly indicative that your child hasn't yet opened up to the preschool surroundings and his classmates. Do keep me posted on how it goes.

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