Hi, My name is Sumbul.. My issue is that my child just dont listen to me or anyone else and is soo prone to da phone games that he gets really stubborn for the same... and da effect of which is i Hit him very frequently.. its not that, dat i dont try to make him understand bt as i said before he doesbt listen and starts crying and shrieking.. please let me know how can i handle him without hitting him.. and maintaining that trust and love between us.. One more thing is dat wen i deny my son for something, his grandmother is always there to fulfill what all he wants and in turn hez drifting away from Me

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Updated on Oct 31, 2017

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Dear Parent, I suppose your child is between 1-5 years old. I understand your difficult situation. First you could educate the grandmother on the ills of using of gadgets by children. There are a lot of articles available. It affects the quality of sleep and impairs the cognitive development. Over a cup of tea have a frank talk with her. Pretend to be helpless about the situation and seek her help( child will listen to you). She will feel empowered and do the right thing. Maybe you could make up a story of a fake colleague ‘s child Succumbing to the phone and what the doctor advised. Build the story. Rehearse in your mind. Prepare for all kinds of questions and then plan an evening where you appear relaxed For a chat. She will cooperate when the ball is thrown into her court. If she does not cooperate then you need to take some steps like: Ensure the phones and gadgets are kept out of sight. This means even you have to use the phone lesser. It is ok if the child cries and throws tantrums. IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE After the child calms down give a hug and play with your child. Throw in a lot of kisses. Distract with other games. It also means you need to be totally engaged with your child. Paying attention is equal to love. Listen to your child’s needs. Breathe deeply when you get irritated and understand from the child’s perspective. He does not know to express himself. So you have to guide him to verbalise his emotion- you are angry , you are irritated. It is ok to be angry but not ok to behave so. Move away from the situation when you feel your anger rising. Come back a few minutes later.

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