hi my seven year old son's behavior is like a three four year old child cry on little things. although he is good on study sharp mind but behavior wise he is emotional just like me .when I was in my sixteen my behavior was like a child nt as a teenager. when i was above twenty twenty 23 my behavior was a teenager and now in age of 33 i am thinking about career and etc when all things are out of control. but did not want that all things will happen with my child. plz suggest a good way..

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This is the stage when a child is asserting their independence and confidence. They are experimenting with power so they will resist you anyways they find either by crying or telling lies. They are trying to establish that they are in control. So here you have to be very patient. Use a gentle but firm tone. when you need your child to listen, go down to his level, maintain firm eye contact. In a loving tone tell him that ,yes you understand what he is feeling. It is ok to cry. But you are there to help. Teach your child the different emotions. Help your child to identify and label the emotions like anger. Discuss with your child safe methods to express emotions: punch a pillow Your child seems to be more intense and more sensitive. So you have to be more patient. Help them to prepare ahead for a situation by discussing the rules of behaviour. Please do not yell or scream because this may lead to lying. When you are calm they will learn how to handle. Hug your child and explain what he is going through. I hope these give you some ideas. Its great that you are looking at solving this concern with thought through solutions. You need to be firm at time with your child and retain your calm while dealing with his anger. Read this for some handy tips and to watch the Expert video on this. https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/handling-aggression-in-children/198 And also don't compare your life with your child and thinking of career at 33 is not a crime there are people who starts their career at as late as 60 so do not blame yourself or anyone for anything. Age is no boundation. You and your child are 2 different entities so no comparison and when u are giving your 100 percent on his upbringing there is no need to worry. Take Care

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