hi. , my son 1year 6months still he doesn't started to talk

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Updated on Sep 24, 2018

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How can I make my child speak?

The key in helping a child is to make him/her play with you. This is the first step in helping the child how to communicate. Until a young child gains the desire and ability to connect with parents in mutually enjoyable experiences, his/her chances of learning to communicate remain slim. A parent's goal is to woo the child, to pull him/her in, to make him/her to connect with you more than anything else. A child who is not sitting, but is roaming around, for that particular child, the parent has to change his/her approach. You can sing a little song, say a little rhyme and the child might stop to listen. The initial goal is to engage the child initially for a few minutes, but first and foremost make him/her sit down to look at you and then sit with you. If your child doesn't listen or look at you, then you should keep on doing or talking to yourself without paying attention to your child, till the time s/he looks up or comes to you. Once your child has your attention, you can pick up some object and keep on repeating what it is, holding it in his/her palm and getting your child to hold it as well and repeat. Words to be used have to be short and simple and audible. Voice modulation is also important here to make your child connect with what you are saying. To understand more about speech delay in your child, read this blog - Helping a child with speech delay

How can I make my child learn more words?

A child who has to be taught word by word, the only two things that are required are patience and repetition. Pre-planning is the key. Put an object in front of your child and repeat the word. Let your child hold the object too. Start with small, achievable goals – like 4 words a week. Once your child has mastered the four words, add more words to his/her vocabulary list. To understand more about speech delay in your child, read this blog - Helping a child with speech delay

Note: Please check for allergies in your child and his/her medical condition. Please consult with the Doctor in person for physical examination and treatment.

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