hi.. my son 5yrs old starts hitting others n start using bad language too.. how to control plz suggest

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Updated on Mar 26, 2017

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At this age your child is establishing his own identity. So he will want to be independent. At this time it is important you have proper routine for him. Set proper time for his play,sleep, bath etc. Set your rules and follow them firmly and gently. Praise him when he does something correct. You need to talk a lot with him. Your tone has to be warm and friendly. He may be doing this for getting your attention. So you have to take care to spend quality time with him. Set your rules clearly. No hitting or beating or using bad language. . Design a poster on this and put it up where your son can see. Set a penalty. if he hits, no play or no tv ...take away something he likes to do for 30 minutes. Be strict about the penalty. Tell him what you expect him to do rather than telling him not to do. When you talk to him use a calm and friendly tone. Stick a chart on his door. Give him a glitter sticker whenever he does something good. Remove a sticker for a bad act. Set a reward if he scores 10 stickers. You have to have patience in carrying out this routine.

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