hi, my son in going to be 3 in March. however he has some behavioral issues as of now. since few days he has been either hitting or screaming or crying a lot when he is been denied for something. today his playschool teacher told me that he has been hitting every kid in the class for no rhyme or reason. can u pls suggest something for his behavioral issues. I also tend to spank or yell at him when he does something like this. really worried. he would cry out loud if he isn't given what he's asked for or hits on his head with his hands, he even back answers at times.... pls help. really worried....

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Updated on Jan 25, 2017

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hi , at this change that is a normal change and children tend to become stubborn and start throwing temper tantrums but please don't worry simply counsel her politely and may sometimes ignore the tantrum .

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