hi! My son is 10 years 10 months now he is a very good observer and very intelligent boy but unfortunately is gets distracted very soon with the things happening around him and he do not like to write only read fast fast and move to next.

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Updated on Jun 19, 2017

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You could help by: 1. Designate a studying space or area Face his desk to the wall to minimalist distraction. 2. Plan a time table using his inputs and ideas. Prepare a checklist for his daily tasks and put it up as a poster. 3. Encourage him to prepare notes or flash cards while studying/ using highlighters for key words or phrases. 4. Play a quiz on what he has studied so both of you will know his level. 5. Plan the time table with time slots of 30 min studying and 5 min breaks in between . The breaks are meant for walking around or to snack. No tv or games during these breaks. 6. Allot time for play and entertainment too.

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