Hi My son is 1yr 10 months old. he was doing his potty regularly whenever i made him sit on the potty pot till 1yr 4months. But afterwards he is so frightened with doing potty that he neither sat on the pot nor he bends down. Whenever he feels like doing potty he starts running & does potty in pants. Nowadays he is doing potty at intervals of 2-3 days and due to this either blood comes with potty or he cries like anything. We went to doctor but she said it is normal. As a mother I feel helpless seeing my baby issue. Please help me in this regard. (His appetite is ok, eats cornflakes wid banana in morning, mixed fruit juice, then daal chawal or dalia in afternoon, milk,biscuits or finger fries in evening and roti milk or daal roti with vegetables as dinner. Milk before sleep. ) Thanks.

Created by Rita Singh
Updated on Aug 20, 2015

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