Hi my son is 2 year old. He is still on bottle. I have tried to give him milk in glass/ sipper many times. But he will not have milk from that. Although he can have water in glass/ sipper. How should i wean him off bottle? If i throw/ hide all the bottles, i fear that he will not have any milk which is a very major part of his diet currently.

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Updated on Nov 16, 2015

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you don't need to fear and keep trying. A 2 year old if takes around 400-500 ml with other solid foods it is sufficient. Start replacing with small amounts of milk in sipper and or glass. Few suggestions to help him take milk are You may flavour the milk with natural flavourings like elaichi powder, kesar, dates syrup etc. If the child above 2 years you may use flavoured milk supplements. You may give in the form of fruit shakes like mango/banana/cheeku/apple shake. You may even try giving milk in the form of porridges/kheer/custards. Other alternatives to milk are curd/yogurt, paneer/cheese, buttermilk/lassi, soymilk (above 5 years of age), tofu etc. For more ideas, you may read up the blog on alternatives to milk. Link given below https://www.parentune.com/parenting-blog/5-healthy-alternatives-to-milk/519 Hope this helps.

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