hi my son is 2yrs 3mnths he doesn't chew food and spits it out after keeping in mouth for sometime.. he just takes semi solid food .how to make him eat rather swallow the bite.

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Updated on Oct 25, 2017

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if the child prefers soft, mushy food only, give only that for the time being. Give soft foods like porridge ( dalia, suji, sago, rice flakes etc). You may also give vegetable upma of suji, ragi etc. You can gradually introduce solid foods in diet, by giving one or two bites of it. You can give slice of apple/pear or stick of carrot to chew on.Try and make your child have meals with family. This would encourage him to start with solids. Show him chewing your foods. Give gaps between meals so that he is hungry enough to eat. Children also follow each other. Seeing other children eat solid food would also encourage him to chew. Hope it helps.

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