hi my son is 2yrs old but he's not talking only few words only he's talking. he can act for everything what he want to tell to me how should I train... when I'm saying anything he wants to run and play ...

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Updated on Mar 30, 2017

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I understand your concern. Is your child able to say 50 different words? Is he able to understand what you say? how does he respond to you? From 18-24 months children are bale to say 2 or 3 words together, not full sentences. Generally boys tend to speak later. Sometimes children who walk and climb on too pf furniture by the age of 1 lag behind in talking. Do not worry. Continue to engage him in proper conversation. be patient and praise him when he says new words or puts 2 words together. Also do check his hearing and speech development with his pediatrician. Listen to story books, hymes and songs with him so that he picks up the language.

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