Hi my son is 3yrs old and he lives on junk food like the packaged ones and cheese and jelly icecream and chocolate.... in spite of endless efforts to ensure he eats healthy by adding and hiding in between roti or roti with cheese etc... he does not eat.... how can I convert him to healthy snacking and more importantly eating...

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Updated on Aug 08, 2015

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You need to restrict the intake of such junk food. Do not keep these options at home or buy them on your son's asking for it. You need to be strict and have a lot of patience to deal with the situation. Few suggestions are Make your son eat with family, whatever you all as family eat. Ensure he is hungry, that is keep a gap of 3-4 hrs, before you serve him food. If he likes cheese, keep a little amount with other regular food. Serve food attractively in different shapes, colours & taste. Try and make food which he likes at home only and in a healthy way. For e. g. fries can be baked, pizza can be made with lots of vegetables/ veg sauce. Hope it helps.

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