Hi my son is 4 years he doesn't eat healthy food he eats junk food

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Updated on Jan 31, 2018

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restrict the intake of junk food to minimum, for once a week/ fortnight. Don't keep any junk food in the house, so that the child is not tempted. Be firm in saying no, when child asks for junk food. Fix meal times for the child, that is with family meal timings. Don't let him eat in between. Give him healthy options, which should be what the family is eating. Try including his favourite healthy options for the meals. You can make snacks healthier by using whole grain flour, vegetables & fruits. Try & make regular food interesting like chapatti veggies as Kathi roll or vegetables, cheese/shredded chicken spread over roti with ketchup. Give variety your child in foods. You may give pizzas, burgers, pasta with lots of vegetables made at home only and on fixed days only. Try steaming, roasting & grilling method instead of frying snacks. It would take some time & patience, to make the child understand. Hope it helps

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