Hi, my son is 4 years old.. his weight is 15kgs, height is 143. 5cm.. he is fussy eating milk and milk products.. i tried different flavors in adding milk.. and curd too i mixup with Banana.. he hates it but eats at end of day. Morning drinks 1 cup milk.. then breakfast.. then lunch at 7:30.. 9:30.. 12:30pm respectively. then sleeps for 1-2 hrs im unable to plan his food in later in day.. he eats dinner at 8pm and sleeps by 10pm.. this huge gap of 5 hours(2pm-6pm) in between he will be with 1 cup of milk... i dont want to add junk food, but unable to fill up with good food. Help. we are vegans... please help... from 4pm-7pm he usually plays outside.. .

Created by RL Swapna
Updated on Jun 06, 2015

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