hi my son is 6yrs old and his weight is around 18. 5kg . is it the correct weight for his age? can u suggest some weight gaining food stuffs. I am worried when people ask me why is he skinny.

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Updated on Sep 05, 2019

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How to increase weight

Few dietary suggestions for weight gain are,

  • Use whole milk and its products like curd, paneer, cheese, buttermilk, etc. You may give these as fruit shakes/ fruit lassi. Paneer/cheese can be added to their roti/sandwich/dosa/uttapam/pasta etc.
  • Increase intake of dals/legumes, eggs (hard-boiled/ omelet /fried, etc. ) poultry/fish (curry, snacks, cutlets, tikka, rice or soup).
  • Give more of fruits like mango, banana, cheeks, litchi, grapes, dates. These may be added to their milkshakes as well.
  • Give more of potato, sweet potato, colocasia, yam besides other vegetables.
  • Nuts like walnuts, almonds, peanuts and dried fruits like raisins, currants, dried apricot.
  • Calorie rich snack ideas are Pasta with cheese, egg/potato/cheese parantha made with a little ghee, cheese balls, cheese & paneer sandwich.
  • Fruit smoothie especially made of banana, honey, and nuts, fruit yogurt made of full-fat milk, full-fat milk-based puddings like rice kheer/fruit custard/vermicelli
  • Trail mix with nuts, seeds, dried fruit, honey.
  • If your child is not feeling hungry, increase the time between two meals. For any appetizers to increase hunger, you should consult your pediatrician.

You can read the following blog to get more ideas. Hope this helps. Weight Gain Foods For Your Toddler

Indian Kids Growth Chart

AgeWeight (in KG)

Note: Please check for allergies in your child and his/her medical condition. Please consult with the Doctor in person for physical examination and treatment.

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