Hi! My son is 7 yrs old and he is in the II std. His school does not have a homework system from KG to V STD. Initially I was happy with this system as I was a working mom, so I needn’t sit with him after I am back from work. Their school also doesn’t provide a timetable (subjects) during exams except for the dates. The reason being they do not want parents to pressurise children to study. However, from 1st std onwards I noticed that they had class tests every week where his scores were less. And he very innocently admits that he did not score well as he did not study. I try my best to make him sit to study for at least 15 mins everyday, through tricks like holding a competition between him and his father to study so that he gets motivated. However, most of the times I am unsuccessful either because of his lack of interest or he is sleepy after dinner. The next concern is that he has difficulty in reading. I try to read books along with him so that he can get a grip of it, but he seldom sits with me to read. I would like your suggestions on how I could encourage my son to study for a while (at least 15-20 mins) everyday and also how to help him read better.

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Hi Smija!


I understand your concern. From the look of it, it seems your child is not keen on any of the subjects. Is that so, or does he enjoy some of the subjects, or any one subject as such. If so, get started with that subject first, and encourage him to spend time doing specific exercises/worksheets/work on that subject. On the other hand, if he's not fond of any subject, then, please start with a favourite activity of his, could even be drawing/colouring/reading a book or something else. Start inculcating a study/reading time everyday basis, and no matter what, encourage him to spend that time doing that. Also, you could start rewarding him when he does well with his favourite activity/food or something similar post that. Try and make this 20-30 minutes as enjoyable as possible while he learns. In the beginning, he may not be too supportive and may not sit, but the key lies in you being persistent, and introducing him to as many exercises as possible. If he is more akin to visuals, then introduce visual rich worksheets/books, in case he prefers solving a riddle than take that route.


Overall, children enjoy wonder, curiosity quenching, visually appealing, cognitive-rich content. Anything which doesn't test these areas for a child are not enjoyable for the child either.



Hope this helps!

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