Hi! My son is 7 yrs old and he is in the II std. His school does not have a homework system from KG to V STD. Initially I was happy with this system as I was a working mom, so I needn’t sit with him after I am back from work. Their school also doesn’t provide a timetable (subjects) during exams except for the dates. The reason being they do not want parents to pressurise children to study. However, from 1st std onwards I noticed that they had class tests every week where his scores were less. And he very innocently admits that he did not score well as he did not study. I try my best to make him sit to study for at least 15 mins everyday, through tricks like holding a competition between him and his father to study so that he gets motivated. However, most of the times I am unsuccessful either because of his lack of interest or he is sleepy after dinner. The next concern is that he has difficulty in reading. I try to read books along with him so that he can get a grip of it, but he seldom sits with me to read. I would like your suggestions on how I could encourage my son to study for a while (at least 15-20 mins) everyday and also how to help him read better.

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Updated on Jul 14, 2015

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Hi Smija!   I understand your concern. From the look of it, it seems your child is not keen o...

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