Hi. My son is 9 years old. He has only one sibling who is 4 months old so huge gap. We have recently moved from a large metropolitan city to relatively small city. His school is changed. Now he is facing difficulty in adjustment at this new school. It is having Cambridge system as of his previous school but I am finding that the current school is more robust in education as compared to previous school. Kindly give me some suggestions or tips that may help him in adjustment at new school. And how can I improve his English speaking as he is afraid of speaking in English.

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Updated on Jan 30, 2020

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Do give him six months to adapt to new surroundings. It is traumatic for children when they are uprooted from a comfort zone. He will adapt gradually. The Cambridge system is very good as it helps children explore and be curious. Encourage him to read books. There are several ways to strengthen his english. 1, One of you parents should talk in english . 2. read the english newspaper everyday. Ask him to identify words -example- words beginning with a or e. 3. Encourage reading books. 4. Watch English news/ english documentaries. 5. Buy a copy of Wren and Martin or something similar and work out the exercises. 6.There are grammar books by Cambridge or oxford university press. 7. Enroll him for spoken English class 8. Have a tutor. 9. Play scrabble and similar indoor games. 10. Use picture charts and flash cards to introduce new words. I hope these give you some ideas. All the best and do keep us posted.

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