Hi... my son is 9years old n his focus his getting diverted.... first time I got complaint from his teacher that he is not doing his work ontime,not paying attention,not talking too much... actually recently he has developed a very good friendship with two kids who stays near to our place n no doubt they are good kids... my son himself told that I keep thinking about them what r they doing right now... which book they must reading... we are only 3 members in family that's why from last one year I allowed him to be with them... he is allowed to go there house n they are allowed to come to our house.... his ranking used to come in one of the best student... now we are stuck as a parent... should we take him for counseling... what should we do... pls advice

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and surroundings and his peer group will have a big influence on his behaviour. Having mentioned this, it would not be the only factor for your child's performance at school/studies. I have the following suggestions for you. Can you check on the following and get back to me : 1. Can you ask your child's teacher about what are the changes s/he's noticed in your child in the past few days/weeks? 2. Do you see any other visible changes in your child's behaviour like, irritation or being quiet at home or being fearful and quiet? 3. Can you speak to your child in person and ask on a day-to-day basis - how was school today - what did he do today - what happened today (read this - https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/ask-5-interesting-questions-to-child-how-was-school-today/823) 4. Can you also speak to your child's friends' parents and find more details about what do the 3 of them do together at their place? 5. Pls do check if your child/any of his friends have an y access to a mobile/ internet? Also, while you come back with these, my advice would be to continue speaking to your child and being supportive and encouraging of the good things he does, also, avoid loosing your patience with him at times. Mix your time with him with fun time and study time, and see if your child responds positively to it. It's important that he speaks to you openly and doesn't hide what he's feeling/experiencing at the moment. Pls take care and kindly do respond to these queries. take care!

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