Hi, my son who is 17 months old has been going to play school since last one month. Prior to that he has developed a habit of holding his mothers hair with one hand and thumb sucking with other hand whilst sleeping. The problem is, due to the above mentioned habit he is unable to sleep at play school the whole day. Before joining play school, he had a habit of sleeping for 5-6 hours during day time. At home in the night, he either requires to hold his mothers hair or a baby doll's hair whilst sleeping as it helps him to go to sleep. Though am not worried about his thumb sucking... as he has been doing it since 6 months old.. am only worried about his requirement of holding hair whilst sleeping?? How to get rid of this habit as he is struggling to sleep at play school?? -Regards

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Updated on Sep 17, 2016

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Hi it is the security the child is seeking of his mother being by her side may replace it by giving him a toy to hold on to a soft toy while sleeping

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