hi, my son will complete his 2 years on 27th of December. he is speaking only a few words like Mumma, baba, naa and dao, nao (give and take in Bengali). we stay in a nuclear family in an apartment and there's no kid of his age. though he understands every instructions and follows them but we are worried that he might be getting delayed. he had no other delays in reaching his other milestones. so we worry much about the present situation? we speak to him in our mother tongue only (Bengali) without confusing him by introducing too many languages. when is the right time to put him in school? his dad is associated with a school so we were thinking of putting him next year ( he will 2. 6 years by then) but are too much confused. please guide. thank you in advance!

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Updated on Nov 25, 2019

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I understand your concern. Pleas don’t worry. Boys usually speak a little later than girls. All the above facts you have mentioned proves to be alright. Some things that you can do to increase his vocabulary would be Story telling- tell the same story till he demands a change. Ask questions to elicit answers. Do the same whole book reading too. Point out pictures. Teach rhymes and songs. Chat with him through the day as much as you can. Also the ideal age for play school is 2 while the age for LKG According to the government is 3 years. It is not wise to admit before the age of three. Please remember that it would be an unnecessary stress. And children will be spending next 12-13 years at school. Hence take care.

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