Hi my son will going to be one year after days and he is very hyper active, don't sit even for a minute. I am working mom. Can you please suggest how can I channelize his energy in a good and productive way. Secondly, he is very rigid for new adaptation like potty training and resisting to walking. Please guide how to manage and make him grow in a better way.

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as we see that you have been helping your fellow parents on the community. Thank You for that Tejal and for the wonderful blogs you have shared with fellow parents. We are blessed to have you in the community. Please excuse us for the delay in answering your query. As per what you have shared about Gaurav, he seems to be an active toddler and perhaps an early sign of a kinesthetic learner. You are thinking right when you are looking to channelize his energy for his better growth. Please find a few tips here - 1. Create a play time for him and that could be the time when he plays with all his toys - more like a freeplay time. anything he wants to play with during that time is fine. This is something, which could be also done by the care giver at home while you are away. You may want to demonstrate it once/twice at best. Encourage your child to stack his toys back in the toy basket after he takes it out each time to play. Will be also great for his physical development. 2. Mix the above free play time with focused play. This could be the time when you introduce a game/toy/activity to your child as per your routine. You could ideally fixed this time every day with your child. Say, when you get back from work, or even in the morning when you both are up in the morning. We have found evenings to work better. Introduce activity, which are exploratory by nature, and make sure they give your child the flexibility to move around. 3. As for moving around, that is not really a bad thing, in fact shows indications of an active child. Having said that, please read this to introduce concentration to your child in easy - play like ways. https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/how-to-improve-concentration-levels-for-your-child/547 4. On potty training, here is a very handy blog written by our proparent Lakshmi from her own personal experiences. May just be what you were looking for. https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/6-ways-to-potty-train-your-child/581 Hope this helps. Please keep us updated and we will always be happy to support you Tejal. :)

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