Hi, my son will turn 4 yrs this July.. He weigh 15 kgs, since last 1. 6 yrs.. I know he is underweight, but doc says, it's ok, if he's active. He was soo chubby, but now all chubbiness is gone with the age. He drink milk with pedicure in Mrng, after 2 hrs I give him mix dry fruits ( 2 bad am, 1 walnut, 15-20 pista, 5-7 kaju), after 1 hr I give him banana, then lunch, whr he eats 1 chapatti with vegetable. Then in eve after he gets up, he eat 1 seasonal fruit, then 1 tomato, and or 1-2 biscuits, or popcorn.. And around 8-9 pm, dinner... 1 chapatti , vegetable, rice and dal.. By 10:30 pm 1 glass milk with pedicure.. I think he eat proper meal, but still not gaining weight n becoming lean day by day.. He's very active.. Please suggest, how he can gain little weight.. We all miss his chubbiness.. N v r pure veg.

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Updated on May 30, 2013

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Hi Shikha!  Firstly,It's commendable that you are administering a healthy diet to your 4 year old. There is just nothing that he lacks as far as the diet is concerned. You also need to stop worrying about his weight as the range of ideal weight for this age is roughly 12 kgs to 22 kgs. Many kids around this age slow down in weight gain but would still be growing in height, which is an indication of a normal growth. Your 4 year old seems to be blessed with a high metabolism which is why he burns everything that he eats very fast. So, as long as he is eating healthy and has a lot of energy, you have no reason to worry. A chubby baby may be a sign of cuteness but not necessarily a sign of good health as overtly chubby babies may perhaps turn into obese youth. Therefore, enjoy your little one for he is perfectly healthy!

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