Hi! My son will turn 9 months in a week. He had trouble sleeping since birth. While everybody told me babies sleep 16-18 hours a day, he slept just for 10-12 hours. And now from last couple of months he takes power naps of 20-25 minutes 3 times during the whole day and is not ready to sleep before 11pm at night. After this he wakes up every half an hour-1 hour and cries. Sometimes I have to feed him to sleep. I have tried almost everything like shutting lights early, singing lullabies, playing pacifying music, reading stories, feeding solids, gum massage, cooling teethers.... nothing helps. I am a working mom and resumed office since two months now. He stays with his dadi during my working hours. On an average, the day passes smooth with all his routine and schedule (except for the sound sleep part) but I am really worried about his sleep. Can you suggest something?


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Updated on Oct 04, 2016

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