hi. my younger son is 4yrs old. he is in nursery. last year I got his Playway repeated since his speech was not clear. as such , he talks proper at home . also, he grasps written work quickly. but am realising that school is not putting much stress on oral skills though written is ok . he doesn't speak school poems properly. if Icorrect he would correct immediately but there z no effort from school teacher in this regard. ni have talked to school aothorities, but no avail. now I want to change his school. but little hesitant to do it mid session. what do you suggest in this regard? also, since his grasp is quick, am thinking of shifting him to Lower KG in the same school or shall I shift him to nursery in another school. due to repetition of Playway, he is running 1yr behind his age in the school. kindly guide.

Created by R S
Updated on Sep 06, 2018

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