Hi Ppl... Pls do help me... also bear wd me for writing soo long M a 25 yrs old mum and my baby has jus stepped into 6th month... couple of months ago he had slowly started avoiding my feed whenever he's awake... two weeks after he would nurse only while sleeping... I thought this would get better bt nevertheless it worsened... I gotta start other homemade foods jus lyk ragi, boiled n pureed apple & MMS (formula milk) in jus 5 months ... though he feeds while sleeping.. I could notice all his edible cheeks n Chubbiness are disappearing slowly.. My heart sinks whenever I make him formula to drink coz m nt producing enough milk... !!! u know ! it never gets full :'( I tried pumping as well bt ... no use... having lactare capsules n galact drink as per my pediatric's advice ...BT Nothing helps Meanwhile I took thyroid test a week ago (yes I'm taking thyronorm 150 p/day) and my TSH is super low i. e. 0. 012... I suspect this might be d reason for such a low milk supply.. m really really devastated ... I'm one f those new mums who dreamt of feeding their kid exclusively for 6-7 months... with occasional feeding till 2yrs may be...

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Updated on Jul 30, 2016

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relax and don't worry as you have tried breast feeding the child as long as you could. Top feed is next best option. And after 6 months, no milk alone can suffice for child's growing needs. Hope this helps.

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