Hi sir/madam my elder son studying 5th class. but he is not concentrate on his studies and playing always. and he is behave like small boy comparing always his younger brother. please suggest.

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Updated on Aug 04, 2018

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Try these concentration techniques: 1. Ask him to circle the letter 'e' from a passage. 2. If he likes to listen to music, play an instrumental piece and ask him to listen the non dominant instrument. 3. Doing a puzzle/ scrabble/ crossword. 4. Colouring/painitng 5. Spotting differences in pictures. While sitting to study allow him to study in chunks of 25 minutes, break for 5minute, study for 25 minutes and then break for 5 min. During the 5 min break he can walk out to balcony ,get fresh air, or stretch. During longer breaks he can do one of the above techniques. Please find these handy tips to help you improve your child's concentration. https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/how-to-improve-concentration-levels-for-your-child/547 Routines help children and they need routines. Allow him to play after he returns for 1 hour. Set a time period to study for 1-1.15 hours. In this period allot 25min studying, 5 min break slots. Be gentle and firm that he has to follow the routine. When he completes studying or writing give him a sticker. When he gets 7 stickers give him a reward. Please be patient and give him lots of love and affection. Slowly all this routine will help. I hope these give you some ideas.

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