Hi team, my son is of 20 months old. His weight is 11kg. he was looking so thin. I'm trying to give him everything good for him. his day starts with lukewarm milk early in the morning between 6 to 7am 100 to 150ml,at 8. 30am breakfast contains ragi porridge (consists of ragi, rice, wheat, jeera, peppar, cashew, badam) /idli batter dosa/suji upma/atta paratha(consists of atta, egg, sugar, milk, banana for topping if it is summer), 11am he will have idli or egg one day and other day kiwi fruit, in lunch at1-2pm he will have lunch with rice, carrot, sweet potato, potato, peas mix and in the preparation of it we are adding pinch of jeera powder or ajwain seeds, after that 4pm he will have curd rice if he likes, and arroud, 6-7pm he will hsve milk of 100-150ml,7. 30 he will have dinner with rice cookind with moong dal and veg, in that rice i am adding rasam made up of pinch of tamarind, turmeric, red chilli, garlic, pepper, tomato, curry leaves, hind etc. at 11pm he will have milk of100_150ml, 3am milk100_150ml. I am confused whether i am giving correct diet or not, what else i have to add so that he will gain weight and look good.. Thanks

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Updated on Jan 15, 2017

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