hi this is Jyoti here my son 4. 5 years Now but he started speaking now that to not in a sentence. and we are taking him to the speech therapy. my concern is that child brain development happen 3to6 but my son started understanding now itself. he has to explore world now. I feel my son can only 3. 6 old kids mentally age. I am very much concern about him help me to figure out something. but his grasping power is too high he can remember 30to40 car name at one go. help me that I can work on

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Updated on Apr 06, 2017

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I understand your concern. May I ask how his other milestones were? By now he should Speak clearly using more complex sentences Count ten or more objects Correctly name at least four colors and three shapes Recognize some letters and possibly write his or her name Know his address and home phone number. Draw shapes If there is delay or you are concerned please consult a child psychologist. Do let us know

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