hii experts... thnk you for your reply on the nutrition question I asked.... my daughter is now 3 years old.. she is suffering from smelly stool (semi liquid)with foul gas passing the whole day... yesterday she passed stool 6 times and even has vomitting sensation... whatever I try to feed her she feels vomitting.... not taking solids.... she is drinking a lot of water and I try to give her veggie soup every 2 hrs... still her stool pass is smelly... I gave her econorm to control her motion... but vomitting sensation is still there whenever she sees food... I am living now abroad and I cannot go to the doctor... the nurse told me to keep my daughter hydrated with soups and water.... but her appetite is not growing.. what shall I do inoder to bring her appetite to normal routine andincrese her food intake....

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Updated on Dec 22, 2016

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