hi,i have a baby of 7 months old, he is born in andhra,3 months back we came to banglore,from past 2 months he is suffering from skin allergy kind of thing,initially he got burns kind of thing on legs and hands,when we consult the docter he told that its a insect or mosquito bite reaction and gave one moisturiser and mild ointment to apply. we did it but it seemed to be increased and my child started itching,later the rashes covered the complete face and the face became reddish with rashes. we went to other doctor and he told it was a atopic dermatitis,he gave a cream called LAPCORT,and a moisturizer ,when i applied it the rashes were gone on face but still the boils dint. some say its a dry skin due to that its not going. now the boils became big and some water kind of thing is getting from them and its spreading. we have done the blood test but nothing was there and no fever ,but those boils or pimples are not at all reducing on legs hands and face and baby is itching ,he scratches his head and face a lot when he tends to sleep and even night time also he is very much irritated .please give me a solution to get rid of boils and itching.

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I can understand your anxiety over your baby's skin problem not settling. It sounds like it has an allergic or atopic basis to it given that there is lot of itching/irritation. The blisters or bullae are seen in some typical forms of the condition. It is always difficult to advise about skin rashes without actually examining them. It seems he may also need a mild oral anti allergic at night time.My advise would be to see an experienced skin specialist for it if there has been poor response to treatments so far. Take care and do keep us posted too,

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