Hii.. I have gestational diabetes it's 163. I feel hungry most of tym and I don't no what to eat and not and have severe urine infection. please suggest what to do.

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Updated on Aug 07, 2018

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For Gestational diabetes, take 3-4 small meals and 2 snacks in between meals. This will keep your blood sugar under control. In addition, you have to eat foods which have Healthy carbohydrates and also proteins present in them. This includes, lentils, dals, beans like channa, rajma, Whole grain breads, chapati, ragi, , green leafy vegetables, other non-starchy vegetables and fruits like apple, pear, oranges and also eggs, nuts and seeds. Go for low fat dairy, like milk, curd and paneer. Use only healthy vegetable oils and avoid sugary, starchy and processed foods available in market. Fruit juices or fruit yogurt to be avoided Plus keep some points in mind- - Do not skip meals -.Avoid taking too many carbs at one time - Always take carb with protein like, chapati and dal and not just plain chapati - Increase proteins and finer in your diet by taking more of dals, lentils, nuts and also sprouts. - Keep getting yourself examined by your doctor regularly

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