hii... i m very aggressive n strict.. that's why i am trying to learn deceplin to my son since last 7 yr n 8 months. but result is very different.. it's difficult to me understand that what can I do. he become a very lazy in every daily activity.. he has started saying a little bit of a lie ... and I know its reason I am .. Please give me advice..

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Since you now are aware about yourself it is very good. Now you have to act upon it. So you have to bring about changes in your self. Aggression will breed aggression. His laziness is passive aggression and he is learning g to b e aggressive from you. Role model the behaviour you expect. Remove the ego of the parent. Understand from his perspective. Build an open communication with him. Please do read our blogs on the topics of behaviour, role modelling. Also, here's a link of a blog which may be helpful. https://www.parentune.com/parenting-blog/how-to-build-character-traits-in-your-child/505 hope this helps I hope these give you some ideas. Please find some handy tips here to go about inculcating discipline for your child. https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/love-or-fear-how-do-you-discipline-your-child/771 All the best and do keep us posted.

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