hii parentune.. first of all I appreciate this app.. it makes our child to understand.. my little one speaks in a cute way.. we like his words.. my intention is to speak in a nice way.. but my in laws ask my child to speak some unpleasant words and they keep on laughing by listening those words from my lill one.. I don't want to scold or punish my child coz it's not his mistake.. my in-laws hate me.. and they feel happy when I get hesitated and they keep on doing things like this.. moreover they give hard whisky,white water,beer to my kid.. I'm trying my best to get rid of them but they keep on doing these things.. sometimes I cry inside.. and some times I tell my child not to do so.. so please parentune.. help me to get rid of these nonsense..

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Updated on Aug 24, 2018

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Thank you Anjali. Would it be possible for you to take your husband out one evening. Have a long chat. Be objective. Don’t point out faults or be aggressive or negative. Rather find out what his values are on upbringing of your child. Listen to what he says. Share your values. Be neutral in your tone. Take care not to criticise because he will not then carry on the conversation. They are his parents after all. Strike a middle ground. Together have a joint vision then you can have rules and regulations. A few conversations like this will help you to have him on your side. Moving out of the house is not an option is it not. So you need to have your husband on your side. Meanwhile with your child , every day spend an hour exclusively. Take him outdoors. Chat with him casually. Tell him stories. Bring in values through the stories. Make your bond stronger. Here again be cautious. Try not to interfere in his relationship with his grandparents. Rather strengthen your bond with your child. If you have the strength to be assertive then use it well to say a firm no and remove your child from the unpleasant situation. Alcohol is very harmful and will impact the brain development. Point his out to your husband. Using swear words is not good manners nor is it cultured. Learn to say no in small steps. It can be a soft No but you have to be firm When they see you bold and decisive they may gradually stop. Do not allow them to upset you. You are the primary caregiver of your child and you have every right to protect him. All the best and do let us know when you do so.

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