Hiii, I am a housewife and a mother of 7 months and 19days. My question is everyone in my family tells me you should let your child eat each and everything and let her sit with everyone then only she will learn to eat. As such I am giving her dhal, khichdi, banana chickoo at two times of the day. Now whatever food I give her I keep on checking her reactions plus is it suiting her or not. Still people dont understand around me and I am fed up explaining to my husband that please I am taking care of her eating as I should know her reactions and whether she is allergic to something or not. But he doesnt care will give me only blank reply " do whatever elders are telling you". I next went to the extent to explain this fact to my father in law there was a very good blog of breastfeeding on the website I shared him the same, for 2-3 days max he felt I was right but, then again he got mixed with his wife. No, a kid will learn to eat everything when she sits with everyone. Then anybody might be eating anything it may be a dabeli or spicy dhal or papad or any solid food yet will keep on trying to make her taste anything they have I feel pissed off. So now tell me am I wrong? I just feel I am a mother and a member of this family. Yet I am not listened too nor cared about what my feelins are. So please guide me with complete explanations what should I do? And should I really let her taste everything and not be a finiky?

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Updated on Sep 19, 2015

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in the long run what your in laws are saying is right. A child who is exposed to all types of foods before one year of age, are less fussy about eating later. Similarly, this is a proven fact, that a baby who is made to have meals with family, is more easier to feed normal foods. But that does not mean that you introduce heavy, fried & spicy food in his diet so soon. Make your baby have meals with family, but try and give him food appropriate for him. What ever foods you have listed are fine. May be a bite of other food would not matter much. A baby would any way reject or spit out something not favourable or too spicy to his taste. For a 7 months old, you can give cereals, dals without husk, veggies can be added to khichdi or mashed potato. Fruits as juices, stewed can also be given. Roti very well mashed in dal, and very small bites can also be given. Avoid foods like peanuts, seeds, raw vegetables chunks, which a child may choke on. You may also separate your child's portion before tadka, or addition of spices. Though you may add a spoon of ghee or butter. Hope it helps.

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