hi,My daughter is 2year and 1month old. how can I train her for pee and potty. pour yr idea. Tia

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When can I potty train my child?

Medical studies prove that a child cannot hold poop until he/she is almost a year old and definitely cannot hold pee until the age of 18 months until 2 years. In fact, a child can only master bladder control effectively around the age of 3 years. Having said that they can definitely learn recognizing the signs of a natures' call and how to communicate the urge to poop and pee and that's what this training is all about. Understand your infant. If you think, s/he is not resisting potty training schedule, then only persist. But, if you notice any signs of unhappiness, stop and start again after a few months. For more information on potty training, read this blog - 6 ways to potty train your child

How can I potty train my child?

Behind every toilet trained child, there is a very vigilant parent. Look for big and small cues which indicate that your child is about to relieve him/herself. These can be pressure sounds/flaring of nose/being still and more. Once you have understood the cues, start acting on them. This can be holding your child on a sink/pot or making him/her sit on the potty seat depending upon your comfort and your child's age. Associate pooping and peeing with an action or sound. This will help your child recognize what he/she is supposed to do and repeat the action when he/she is about to poop or pee. For more information on potty training, read this blog - 6 ways to potty train your child

Potty training method

There is a particular chronological order in which a child can be toilet trained. It is always good to understand this order as it helps parents to prepare themselves for what's the next step and which milestone have they reached. This order is effective once the infant has a stabilized pattern of day time poop frequency. The order is something like: Poop communication -> Poop holding -> Pee communication (day time) -> Pee holding (day time) -> Pee holding (night time). But then again, each child is different. And you have to make an effort to understand your child. For more information on potty training, read this blog - 6 ways to potty train your child

Note: Please check for allergies in your child and his/her medical condition. Please consult with the Doctor in person for physical examination and treatment.

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