hi,my son is 1. 7 years old,he is a too active and sharp minded boy,but in food ,when compared to the kids of same age,he is too dull in it,actually the main reason is his father thinks like,if he takes new food he could suffer with stomach pain or any other health problem,so dont keep him in risk by trying some other new food,he is of that type,too sensitive and scary. And now a days while iam trying curries we eat with rice,he is not even opening his mouth,he got used to,:breakfast- 1. 5 idly or omlet,lunch-rice and dal,that to grinded and cooked,and for snack-raisins water and warm biscuits, dinner - again the same lunch food,while sleeping cerlac rice,thet too what we are using from 6th month and in nights when he is hungry again iam giving him cerlac,in middle breast feeding,what should i do,is this the correct way,pls help me with this,when ever i see him hingry ,he is not taking different foods and healthy tasty food,tears rolling in my eyes.

Created by Suryakala
Updated on Jul 11, 2017

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