how can a working mother create a close bond with a 3yrs old? My child is very close to people who is with her the whole day. Even after I come home from work she does not want to come to me. What should i do?

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Updated on Jul 10, 2018

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it's not going to be just a function of time, but the quality of time you spend with your child. 1. Phone-free time: Once you are at home, make sure that you put the phone aside, make eye contact with your child and listen when your child speaks to you Make meal times phone free – no disruptions to family time, especially when dining together. When it’s story time at night, make sure you leave your phone in a different room. 2. Walk the talk: Wherever possible, walk instead of drive. There’s something soothing about walking side by side, maybe holding your child 's hand, and having a chat. It’s easier to get your child to talk openly when you’re walking, instead of asking pointed questions at a table. It’s a great bonding tips which works magically, especially in a park. :) 3. Learn your child's vocab : Make an effort to find out what games your child likes, what books he likes, and what he watches on TV. He will love it when you know what he’s talking about. If video games or cartoons are anyway going to be part of the deal, you might as well be aware of what your child is playing or watching. You can play with your child and keep that almost like a daily routine. 20 min playtime daily in the morning or evening. 4. Encourage hobbies that you can be a part of: If your child is involved in three different activities, try and be part of one to begin with. Singing or playing together is a great way of bonding. You can also schedule a once a week cook-a-thon where your child helps you prepare a meal 5. Get all the help you can get at home: Let’s face it – there’s always laundry to be done and food to be cooked. Stress is a horrible deterrent when it comes to spending time together. Even if you are physically present, stress can make you mentally absent 6. Travel together: Travel is a wonderful way to get away from the routine and revive your bond with your child. Whether it’s a trek or a holiday trip, children love anything new, and are naturally curious. If a vacation is not possible, go on a Sunday picnic. A day out is a great opportunity to get away from the routine and have fun conversations Try these are let us know if this is helpful. Remember, focus on quality time and don't worry about the hands of that clock. Best wishes!

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